2013 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Testimonials and Reviews

When asked if you would recommend this seminar to others – 100% said YES or EMPHATICALLY YES!

Overall Reviews – on a scale of 1-10 based on anonymous reviews:

  • Overall – 9.71 out of 10 – nearly perfect
  • Hotel – 9.42
  • Cocktails – 9.44
  • Dinner- 9.53
  • Education Style – 9.74
  • Speaker Quality – 9.85
  • Seminar Style – 9.68

See all real Attendee reviews below:

We have been so impressed with yellow telescope and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to staff a patient advisor. The interview process was very thorough and we were provided with a wide range of qualified candidates. The person we ultimately chose has been terrific.

We are particular impressed with Jon Hoffenberg. He was always professional and worked hard to find the right person for our office. He asked the tough questions in the interview process and found us a winner. He is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated.

We are confident we will continue to use yellow telescope to either find another patient advisor or for practice management services.

Allison Wise
Wise Plastic Surgery

Jeff, Jon and all-

Thanks so much for an incredible meeting. We feel energized, motivated and empowered! Undoubtedly the most educational 2 days I have spent since fellowship.

Thanks also to everyone who attended and participated. Nothing like spending quality time with really smart and accomplished people.

See you down the road.

Min Ahn

Good camaraderie, good flow/exchange and ideas by attendees. Made my money back in the first 4 hours

Paco Canales
Plastic Surgeon


What an amazing event! Now that I am home and back in my professional routine, bits and pieces of your seminar still reverberate. Even with the personal tragedy that tainted our weekend, your enthusiasm, knowledge, and excitement was infectious. You affected a sea change in my professional outlook – transmuting “sales” from an odious vulgarity into an effective process. We are incorporating your protocols into our management systems, and it is materially changing our core perceptions of our mission and purpose. And just in the nick of time, as our industry morphs from a health-driven to a looks-driven business.


Can’t wait for next year-

Julian Leichter

Very informative, entertaining, and organized. Money back guaranteed! You will not be disappointed

Dr. Nima Shemirani
Facial Plastic Surgeon

This was a great seminar. It wasn’t just great information, but “how to use” it – the material in your consultation. The sales seminar and mainly the call consultation was great. It will really help me improve my consultation process and sales! It will bring your consultation process to another level.

Staff Member

Suggestions for improvement: “None at this time.” “Take it all in. There is a lot one may know but better to be refreshed on new topics or olde ones. You will learn!

Cherie Skaggs
Staff Member

High energy. Great, helpful, information. Excellent. I feel great about this. Talk to me in 3 months…

Dr. Ron

Wow. Wow. Wow… Thank you Jon – will start applying your ‘sales tips’ it immediately!…I also enjoyed meeting and learning from all the attendees.


Excellently presented info that is almost universally applicable to management. Very informative, very relevant. Excellent resource for those interested in improving sales and understanding the nuances of management.

Dr. Ira

Overall, I thought the event was great…you should come if you want to advance your career and enjoy working.

Dan Landmann

Extremely helpful, especially as a new employee figuring out my place within a small office with long time staff. Topics covered fueled ideas! Expected tools learned to help in understanding staff and determining if the right people are in the right seat for overall future success. The event covers topics to benefit new MDs/staff as well as individuals experience in the medical field.

Dianne L.
Staff Member

Excellent program that not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! Can’t afford not to go to this event!

Peter Wohlgemuth

It was great to speak to other Practice Administrators and physicians on the different styles of how they do things. Everyone was very down to Earth and friendly and so great to share their information.


What would you tell attendees about this event who are unsure if they should attend having attended several years in a row? 
“Awesome. A practice, management and life game changer. Send a deposit

Julian Leichter

Since I by nature instinctively employ your 7 steps already, but am hindered by either “missing seats” or “wrong” seats, this motivated a plan for improvement, which will be put to the test when returning to the office next month. Immediate impact: will have one☺ which will free me up to do patient care more effectively, thus booking more and leaving the office not burned out. Unsure about attending? You definitely should – you need to get out of the environment you’re used to and get new insights.


Flawlessly planned – excellent information explained clearly and to the point.


I did not know what to expect, but I have gained a lot of knowledge. I will go back to work with great ideas – very motivated. I believe we will be able to implement some things right away – and hopefully more down the road.

Practice Manager

Thanks again for a wonderful meeting. It was a very informative and your team is so great. You were all so easy to talk to and very friendly.


I really enjoyed it. The information was educational and pertinent to my daily duties. I’m motivated to get my doctor and staff on board for some changes in 2014. Valuable information to not only grow your practice, but open your eyes to things you might not put much thought into day to day.

Janet Brown
Practice Manager

It’s worth the money. You’ll learn a lot, discover valuable ideas to improve your practice, and have fun.


The event presented easily understandable systems that I am very eager to bring to our practice. I was entertained the entire time. Jon, you and your team are hilarious! This was by far the best training I’ve ever attended.


I believe the information, pointer and techniques are applicable to our practice (on a smaller scale) – I am looking forward to trying to put them into action.


Jon, Been trying to hold off sending you this as I respect you are swamped in the aftermath and need some down/family time. But here goes. No rush in response.Instead of going on and on—- last night, I used YOUR tips to get my oldest son (Arborist in Kauii) to:

  1. Raise his fees
  2. Feel good about marketing himself
  3. Come up with a stump speech which is hard for a modest Funcik
  4. in the long run, make more money so he and I can see each other more before I am an old codger!!!So, YOU and your team helped MY son! nuff said.

I will not burden you now with a bunch of questions- but I hope we get to catch up soon. Meanwhile the team and I are pumped up.

Tom Funcik

I have tried to think of a few constructive criticisms for you. However, I cannot. Overall hit the mark on all levels…well worth the efforts.

Definitely should go. I am going back to work motivated and keen to pull our numbers up.


Great experience. Interesting topics, great learning experience, enjoyed the breakouts.


Again, I want to thank you for the work you do! I learned so much and I am trying slowly to implement here at the clinic. I feel so much more confident in myself when taking calls and scheduling patients. Not that I don’t have confidence I just did not with phones. I have no experience what so ever in sales. After the first 15-20 minutes of your training…it clicked in my brain after hearing you say “Not to the People but for the People” very powerful to me. So anyway, just wanted you to know that. Ed and your entire team did a fabulous job on Saturday, as you already know.


Good morning Jon,

I just wanted to thank you for the quick response and the amazing letter of recommendation you wrote. I really appreciate the gesture and have loved working in this office and for you for these past 6 months. I have learned a lot from both the job itself and through your leadership and cannot express enough how amazing this opportunity has been.

Thanks again!


Jon and Jeff,

Thank you both for the heartfelt messages. I am definitely thinking of you two today. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a part of your organization. After years of frustration, disappointment, and uncertainty, the past year has restored my confidence that my practice can become what I have always hoped it would be.

The fact that all of the FHRPS (Foundation for Plastic Surgery and Foundation for Hair Restoration, subsidiaries of YellowTelescope Medical Management) practices are thriving so much in this economy is a remarkable testament to what I appreciate about you guys most: your leadership, your tireless effort, and your confidence that your limitations are only those that you impose upon yourself. I learn every day from the examples that you set.

Hope you enjoy the holiday with your families.


I thought that the event was amazing and I learned more than I thought I would.  Breakout was my favorite part as well as discussion topics.  This is the type of seminar where you actually learn and you take away easy steps to bring back into your practice.


Great opportunity to share information from the top practices in the country. There is no other forum like this


Loved it. Very informative, educational, invigorating. It’ll all be about how well we can implement those great ideas, sales talks, prequalify patients, commoditization of surgery, tech talks, etc.


Excellent – discussions from and among great colleagues… and how I will go about hiring another associate. Excellent use of time and well worth the experience.


Jon…This was the single best marketing seminar I have gone to…So I thank you sincerely.