2012 YellowTelescope Training Seminar Testimonials and Reviews

Would You Recommend This Seminar To Others: 100% of attendees said “Yes”

  • Overall Experience: 9.88/10
  • Educational Quality: 9.71/10
  • Speaker Quality: 10/10 Perfect Score
  • Seminar Style: 9.88/10
  • Hotel Experience (Mandarin Oriental, Miami) – 10/10 – Perfect Score
  • Breakfast/Lunch – 9.63/10
  • Cocktail Hour: 9.71/10
  • Dinner: 9.29/10

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I had the great opportunity to attend the YellowTelescope seminar focusing on practice development and management. As a young facial plastic surgeon, I am always eager to learn different techniques in practice development and management, but I have been disappointed in that all the seminars or talks seem to be a repeat of each other. The subjects and ideas are very commonly repeated—internet marketing, advertisement, branding, etc. Not in this case…YellowTelescope presents a refreshing, innovative, and new way to develop your practice. They relayed proven methods derived from other fields which no one has presented or is using in their medical practice. I highly recommend this seminar for any physician and their staff who is looking to grow their practice.

Anthony Bared

I learned from other practices similar to ours to develop better techniques…It was very informative.

Rebecca Hoffey
Practice Manager

I did not sign up for next years training just because I generally don’t plan things that far in advance. That being said you will probably see me at your next training. Thanks again.


What would you tell future attendees about this event? “Bring all staff, not just one!”

Monica Bonakdar

Incredible to hear other experiences and thoughts…thought adding business people was very good.

Neil Gordon

Actually, quite a good experience…like the open dialogue

Louis Frisina
Co-Founder Envigor Anti-Aging

The interactive discussion with all and break outs were outstanding.


I like Jon discussing sales tips, helps consultants to expand on marketing, staff, management, products, etc.

Renato Saltz

Thanks Jeff. It would not have been possible without the help of you and everyone on your very talented team.

We really appreciate the opportunity to be working with you all and we’re looking forward to challenging ourselves to see how much better we can be.

Max Polo

It’s definitely worth going to and helpful to be able to speak to other in your position.


Attend – listen – learn – excellent session!

Robert Colucci

I am excited to go back to our office and start implementing the 7 steps and growing our practice.


Terrific experience- it inspired us and our staff to make changes in the way we practice.


Exchanged thoughts and ideas with really bright and successful people.


I enjoyed how inclusive the format was; very helpful to hear from docs about their goals, concerns.  Many of the items we will take away can be easily implemented with (hopefully) a big impact.


Very interesting, good networking, good conversations, some talks very helpful, some less focused but still thought provoking.  I have a few action items we’ll start using and will want to re-check my notes several times during the year.


More productive than any practice management course or meeting I have been to. Well-conceived and planned. Many helpful suggestions.


Very Enlightening and educational. There are some pearls of wisdom that will apply either in the short term and long term. Very worthwhile; definitely worth the time away from the office.


It has been wonderful to have an opportunity to pick the brains of some of the best and brightest in our industry for weekend.  Building stronger relationships in the industry and being able to pull form the collective experience set.  . The information discussed in the agenda leads to incredible private conversation. I wish there was a way to bring more of those conversations to the discussion table.  Be sure to take advantage


Good morning Jon – Thank you so much for allowing us to join you in Miami this past weekend! …I find your approach to sales to be intoxicating and thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with many of the individuals in attendance. Dr. Epstein is truly a world class host, he was so kind in opening his home to all of us on Friday evening. Please extend our deep appreciation to him for taking the time to facilitate such an event…