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The results speak for themselves. Every practice with which YellowTelescope has worked in a long-term capacity has grown by 60 to 125% – an amazing result during one of the worst economic periods in our nation’s history. So what exactly do we do? YellowTelescope helps doctors grow their aesthetic or elective practices, whether they are solo practitioners or within a group practice, in exactly 3 ways: YellowTelescope offers executive Medical Training Seminars, industry focused Medical Staffing, and a progressive Long-Term Oversight to improve overall Sales, Management & Leadership Skills within your office.

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    I learned from other practices similar to ours to develop better techniques…It was very informative.

    Rebecca Hoffey Practice Manager

    What would you tell future attendees about this event? “Bring all staff, not just one!”

    Monica Bonakdar MD

    Incredible to hear other experiences and thoughts…thought adding business people was very good.

    Neil Gordon MD, FACS

    Attend – listen – learn – excellent session!

    Robert Colucci COO

    Impressive – overall discussion of a ‘group practice of excellence’ and how to bring value to the worth of a practice. You will learn more than you expect or could imagine

    Neil Gordon MD

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    The Many Misdemeanors of Management

    As Featured in Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine How often have you heard a successful executive say that he succeeded because of his ability to surround himself with the best people, not because of his inherent talents? Oprah Winfrey, for example, has said, "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." Unfortunately, too many doctors hire practice managers and patient consultants(sales staff) for incorrect reasons. Learn more from Jon Hoffenberg on practice managementread more